We are a family business.

James and Victoria started JVS Machinery to offer fellow farmers the best zero grazing and forage equipment in the UK. In 2018 we were proud to become the UK distributor for Belair.


JVS Machinery

JVS Machinery is a family business with long standing roots in dairy farming. Having spent a lifetime around cows, James & Victoria Seaton started JVS to help dairy farmers grow and cut the best forage for their herd. Operating a zero-grazing system is not for everyone but it is proving an excellent way to reliably produce larger quantities of the highest quality milk.

‘We are all about helping you to make the most of your grass.’ James Seaton, Director


By adopting a zero grazing system the farmer has greater control over the pasture land and can choose how to rotate even small acreages to provide the highest quality grass to the herd. For those operating with smaller amounts of grazable land this method offers an opportunity to maximise yield and increase the nutritional value of every acre.

We believe that if dairy farmers focus on grass immediate benefits will be seen in their cows’ milk.



We offer a variety of new and used farm machinery with the majority designed to help farmers looking to implement zero-grazing. If you operate a zero grazing system you will already appreciate how important the right machinery is to the efficiency of your farm. Lost time through machinery failures can be costly and frustrating.

Through years of experience as both machinery dealers and contractors we have learnt to invest in the right machinery. When we first encountered Belair it was clear that the quality of the materials used to produce their machinery was superior to that we have used before. Since 1964 Belair have specialised in the manufacture of forage machinery and we are proud to be a UK dealer.


You can choose to use a zero grazing system to provide some, or all of your cow’s diet. Most importantly by choosing to focus on the grass your herd eat you can take greater control over the quantity and quality of the milk they produce. Our clients have all seen impressive rises in milk production and report that their cows are happy and healthy. Some have been able to stop, or dramatically reduce, the use of feed supplements such as corn because the herd are getting all the nutrition they need from grass. Well managed cows that are given more grass than they can eat and don’t have to travel long distances are typically healthier, less stressed and more productive.


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      We are specialists in agricultural machinery.

      Especially forage and zero grazing machinery. If you are planning to implement a zero-grazing system you will find the machinery you need to help you here.



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