Zero Grazing

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Zero Grazing

Using a zero grazing system offers benefits to farmers who want greater control over their dairy operation. We offer the best machinery to operate a zero grazing system and we can help you develop the best way to utilise it on your farm. Zero grazing has so many benefits to both you and your cows. It can be used for part, or all of the year to help you manage the efficiency of your land to deliver the diet that will produce the highest quality and quantity of milk from your herd.

Key Benefits

  • More milk
  • Greater control
  • Maximise grass per acre
  • Utilises more slurry
  • Reduces cow stress
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Reduces feed supplements

Helping You Plan and Manage

Zero grazing helps you to plan and manage how and where you grow the primary food source for your cows. You can choose the varieties and rotation to provide forage with the highest nutritional value throughout the season. Many farmers operating a zero grazing system take many more cuts in a season and produce more grass and silage from their acreage as a result. It is normal to cut every 22-23 days and to start as early as possible to maximise the number of cuts. By limiting, or restricting, access to pastureland the grass and soil is not damaged by grazing cows. This helps to preserve the land and produce the highest quantities of grass.

Those using a zero grazing system will typically utilise more slurry and spend less on fertilisers. By cutting more frequently more slurry can be applied. However, accurate application below the canopy using dribble bars or a trailing shoe is important to protect the grass from contamination. Zero grazing therefore offers farmers the opportunity to manage the relationship between their grass and cows more accurately whilst utilising more of the natural resources available on the farm.


Choosing to keep cows inside is not a comfortable concept for some. However, there are countless ways to implement zero grazing in to the management of your farm. The method can be adopted for some or all of the year. The most successful instances are typically when the farmer controls the grassland available and ‘serves it up’ to the cows but this does not necessarily prevent cows from being able to graze as well. The real benefit is that by lowering movement, stress, exposure to disease (especially TB) and risk of injury farmers can increase cow welfare, the quality and productivity of the land and crucially the quantity of milk the herd produces.
  • I have owned four Belair straw bedders and I’ve been happy with all of them. The support and service from JVS has been second to none, I would recommend them to anyone looking for new and used kit.
    Simon Dutton
    Simon Dutton
  • I chose the Belair Premium XL and have been really happy with the performance and reliability, it’s a great machine.
    Jim O’Neil

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